why choose beebe sports?


Love the cushion inside, playing infield on the hot dirt here in Texas, this will come in handy. Turf cleats are the right height. The looks are phenomenal. Glad I purchased these. My first time buying Beebe turf shoes, already have two other guys buying them some.

Bailey N.

Shoes felt great with good support on feet and ankles. No ache after a day of umpiring. Excellent traction. Thanks

Steve J.


The warm up trainer is a great product and Beebe Sports is a great company. Beebe Sports has always produced quality products

Gary G.

Love my shoes

I'm a senior softball player in the 50+ group. I needed something light and comfortable for those long tournaments. I tried the Beebes and I've really enjoyed them. They look great, feel great, and they have great traction.

Case L.

Great shoes - this is my second pair. I have plantar fasciitis and I am completely comfortable playing/wearing these shoes for at least 4 hours.

Charles P.

Hall of Famer, Steve Leighton

I’ve been playing Major Division Softball since 1980. I have won 4 World Titles and 9 All World Trophy’s.  I was inducted into The USSSA Softball Hall of Fame in 1997 and continue to compete in the Major Plus Divison in Senior Softball.  I was the first player to hit a softball out of the Seattle Kingdome. I have played in over 3,000 softball games and hit over 2,000 home runs in my career, so obviously at 6’3 and 240 pounds my feet take a beating. I have been wearing my Beebe Sports custom “JR” model softball shoe for this entire year and I can tell you they are one of the best shoes that I have ever worn. The comfortable classy design allows me to focus on my game instead of worrying about foot pain and ankle safety.

- Steve “JR” Leighton


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